Seasonal Gift and Premium

Take advantage of the different season characteristics and create the best gift promotion


Enterprises can respond to different seasonal characteristics, for the current activities customized suitable gift program, so that customers feel the enterprise and customers grow in sync with the good feeling, greatly improve the use of gifts and burst rate, to achieve good promotional effect.


Here are some seasonal gift promotions:

Spring:  Ideal for outdoor gifts such as flashlights, picnic mats, backpacks, etc.

Summer: Ideal for choosing summer items such as hats, portable fans, sweat-absorbing ice towels, etc.

Autumn: The weather began to cool down, and some insulation supplies can be used in a big way, such as insulation cups, windmills , etc.

Winter:  Cold weather, heating supplies are the only choice, such as warm handbags, scarves and so on


These are just a small number of suggestions, and you are welcome to contact us for more gift suggestions.


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