Purchase Procedures

1) Choose gifts and budget

• Customers can search the product catalog from our website, or inquire about gift details and suggestions via email or phone
• Customers can also check the price plan and budget on the website, or get a quotation via email
• The official quotation will be automatically sent from our online quotation platform or through our sales staff to obtain further quotations

2) Order confirmation

• Once the quotation is confirmed, we will provide a formal sales confirmation with the payment method that the customer prefers
• Under normal circumstances, a 50% deposit is required before production samples are produced
• For details, please check the payment method

3) Computer simulation model and sample production

• Our design team will provide a computer simulation of the gift before the production sample
• In addition, we will also provide real samples for approval before mass production, which usually takes 7 days
• For details, please check the order information

4) Mass production and quality control

• The production time will vary according to different types of gifts. Under normal circumstances, it will take about 20-25 days
• Our quality control personnel will be stationed in the production line to ensure the quality of the goods
• More importantly, our QC inspectors will visit the factory for a comprehensive inspection. Ensure product quality meets customer requirements before shipment

• Applicable to AQL Level 2 standard test

5) Distribution and logistics

• We can provide the following delivery and logistics services
• Deliver to Hong Kong, including warehouses and docks
• Delivery at designated locations or branches in Hong Kong and Mainland China, special packaging can be requested for delivery
• Transportation to Mainland China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing or China’s foreign trade warehouse
• For overseas transportation, we can provide complete I/E, sea or air freight quotations can also be provided on request